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Thursday, September 8, 2016

dean's list

Ameerul just graduated (not yet having convocation) his Engineering school around last month. I must say, what a perfect ending for him. Cause I know how much he struggled for his degree. And just how many sleepless nights he'd been through. Of course, I'm proud.

Because he got a Dean's List for his final semesterrr! Yayy! How can I not proud?!

I called him one morning, he said, "I'm at the post office right now. I have some good news, I'll call you back".

Oh, okay. I couldn't guess any. I'd genuinely thought it was all about our wedding plan, so I patiently waited. He came home and texted me his result. I stared for a quite some time, switching my eyes between his GPA and his name. Again to his GPA and his name. Okay, this is really his, I said.

Not that I didn't believe him, but yeah couldn't believe my eyes!

My fiance managed to raise his CGPA, as he wished! Wohoo. I was extra happy for him, cause I remember he said he really wanted to do better for his final year. He had a constant aim to raise his CGPA and to get himself a Dean's List (He didn't say it directly, but I understand his target).

All of his efforts are paid off now. He made his dream came true.

I congratulated him the whole day hahaha cause I knew exactly how much he wanted this, I simply just wanna make him feel appreciated, then he said, "Okay, you may stop now". Hahaha.

Then, I asked, "What do you want for a present?"

He said, "Nothing. Just you."

Me, "Okay, we'll be getting married anyway".

Alright. Easy, right? I didn't have to reward him with anything. Haha.

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