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Sunday, September 4, 2016

darah manis

How sweet is my blood right now?

Malay people regards anyone who will get married as darah manis. I've been receiving this a lot lately especially a month before my wedding. And they say, the darah manis people are so fragile; they tend to get sick easily, they will get hurt physically easily, cannot meet the partner too often (I skip this one) and they need to be extra extra extra careful of what they do.

Not sure if Malay people are overthinking hahaha or is it something that we just need to be careful of.

My aunts won't let me do any heavy chores, they worry if I scratch myself. Mak was so worried letting me go on board the plane the other day, she kept saying I was darah manis. Ameerul's mom too said, "Take care, darah manis now".

 Now I feel like I own a new position in society hahaha.

Shushy is cooler about this, she too keeps saying I need to take care of myself but she's pretty cool handling anything that happened to me. I got sick the other day and all that she said was, "It's normal for darah manis people to be sick. You just relax and take Fisherman's Friends".


Meanwhile my parents are just so cool. They don't have any problem letting me go anywhere. Cause I live with my parents right now, and the only thing that they've concerned so much is my eating pattern. They just want me to eat well so I won't get sick. That's all. (All parents are like that).

Ameerul on the other hand is so gelabah. Hahaha. He keeps worrying about me. I can't move! When I was out, he's just so worried and said, "Take care darah manis". When I coughed, he said, "When will you be fine? We just have 2 weeks to go. Take care darah manis". When I ate, "Eat a lot darah manis".

Zzzz hahaha.Chill okay? You don't have to include darah manis in every sentences!

And speaking about him, he's still sick. And he doesn't like medicine. While I am here already finished my second strips of Panadol because of my I-don't-know-where's-coming-from headache. Sigh. I am too dependent on Panadol everytime I get headache. Ameerul's so worried about my kidney, he said, "You know exactly the side effects of Panadol, right? Remember you are darah manis now". Hahaha now he's all over that again!

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