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Friday, July 22, 2016

summer hospital training

I really have much time now that I can blog frequently. Cause I'm still in Egypt doing my practical training at the hospital for 4 weeks. 4 weeks guys, so long. It gets longer when it's summer. 1 hour feels like forever.

Don't get me wrong. I like doing this. It's just that it's too long and too hot. Well, it isn't that long but I'd rather be in Malaysia right now preparing for a big day, but what am I doing here?! My heart is in Malaysia already.

Well, I survived the first week at O&G department. Gonna proceed to Peadiatrics next week. And next to Internal Medicine, lastly to Surgery department.

O&G should be fun. But it got so bored you know. Because we got to attend the lectures at the department's lecture room (which what we've already learnt daily at my faculty - listening to facts and so on). Then we moved to the outpatients/inpatients to learn about study cases.


I don't like the smell of hospitals. Hahaha. Especially here in Egypt (sorry no offense). I can't really stand the smell. Especially when we went to the labour room the other day. Oh my god, I instantly covered my nose cause it smelled so hospital hahaha. Don't care if people ever judge me, or you'd rather seeing me throwing up.

I didn't make to be in the hospital. But I have to work there! Sigh. I remember the old times when I had my internship at the governmental hospital in Malaysia for the first time, I barely ate there. But then I got used to it and the environment. But now, it's a whole new story. It's Egypt by the way.

Ahhh. First week, done.

Gonna see poor-sick-cute babies next week at Peads ward.

Second week, I'm ready!

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