Alya Qistina

Sunday, July 24, 2016

500 crowns

"Come on Qistina, move on. People are playing Pokemon Go now", what my friends said.

Hahaha this happens to me, always. I am usually still in the same phase, hardly move on to another phase. I still play Piano Tiles. What? Lame? Nayyy, never.

I still got the same excitement as before whenever I score a new crown. Also, the same adrenaline rush every time I play in the endless tiles stage. Or whenever I manage to catch the wonder boxes. Ahh.. why bother telling, you guys don't play it anymore. 

But it's really crazy. When I need to move my fingers as fast as I can to tap on the tiles whilst I need my eyes to focus on the upcoming tiles from above, I can still enjoy the song though. One of my favourite song is Entertainer, but it's kinda fast. When I fail to tap on the next tiles, the track would just stop and ask if you still want to continue or not (not free! Need to trade 2 diamonds by the way. I always say no, my diamonds are precious).

Of course, it is addictive. No matter how many thousand time you lose, you would just start all over again. The lesson that this game teaches is, never give up. Hahaha.

The same feeling when I play Candy Crush before. I stopped playing it years ago, but I still played when people were already moved on to another games. I refuse to call it lame, but I insist this is a loyalty. *flips hair*

The funny thing is that whenever I hear any of these songs from other than in the game, they would remind me of this game. Like, "Oh this is Beethovan Number bla bla bla". When I eat at the restaurants and the songs are being played. When I watched some piano concussion in this one drama, it totally reminded me of one of these songs in the game. It's real. I learn something at least. Haha.

So now, I am already at Level 59 in Piano Tiles. Which is the maximum level already. But the new levels are coming soon, they are updating it. I own 403 crown now wohooo which what I am so proud about. Wohoo. 

I am aiming for 500 crowns now. 

Never give up. Hahaha.

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