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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

open house eid 2016

My first open house ever organized by my friends and myself. Usually in Malaysia, my mom will decide on everything. The meals especially. I am more like a kitchen helper. And I will just decorate the house and the hardest is to choose the table clothes to use hahaha.

This time was different. My friends and I made everything from scratch starting from buying the raw materials, to cooking to post-event house cleaning. Egypt is so hot and we basically walk to everywhere since we don't own any vehicle. Oh, if I could speak Arabic fluently, I would definitely just order them by phone and make them deliver the things to my house hahaha (just like we have Tesco online in Malaysia - my brother is one regular customer of it zzz).

We came out with several menu, with limited ingredients of course - but we did it! Like the previous years, we would packed our luggage with just food from Malaysia and for me, daun kesum (Vietnamese coriander)  and bunga kantan (torch ginger flower) are compulsory. Besides ginger and lemongrass. Because I really like asam pedas, so I often make it here.

We have a lot of daun kesum and bunga kantan supply this time, as well as daun kunyit. We made asam laksa as a main dish. Also, another main dish like rendang, lontong, instant ketupat palas, instant nasi impit and kuah kacang.

Phew. Hahaha.

Dessert: bubur jagung, green tea pudding, orange flavour cupcakes, chocolate cake.

Beverage: The best part. We had iced sirap rose, bandung, sarsi, green cocktail, lychee.

Phew again.

Hahaha of course the preparation wasn't that easy but we enjoyed making this. Gathered at the living room while peeling the onions whilst watching Malay movie, Isteri vs Tunang Raya and got mad at the stupid husband in the movie cause nobody ever like cowards zzz. At the same time preparing for beverages, making sure it wasn't too diabetic but still too sweet anyway haha.

We took turn to sleep cause yeah it was tiring. I slept for about 2 hours and got up at 7 am to bake the cupcakes. While of course, eating the rendang for breakfast hehe.

All set and ready. Let's make ourselves pretty, but danggg. BLACKOUT! I was about to iron my clothes. Ahh, so spoil.

We all became so bad mood, it was so hot. My neighbourhood  rarely affected by any blackout/short water supply or something but what a perfect timing, Zagazig government. You chose it that day wow hahaha.

Everybody managed to get dressed except me. I showered and just wearing a casual jeans and went to the campus to settle a few things regarding the studies (just to kill time) and came back home to see everything's came back to normal. Phew.

Catching the nemo for rendang 


Yes. We listed out the menus on the board, hung it in the living room where people eat. Actually I did it as a to-do-list memos at first. They were being funny when they said, "I'm eating number 4 now". "I'm at number 2 now, long way to go". "Where is number 6 on the table?". "Finished all 17 menus". "I'm eating according to the orders". "Is this buffet or we should order to you by the numbers?".

And we got more and more guest after Zuhr. We didn't invite a lot. Just coursemates and some close friends. My classmates stayed at our house till night to watch some movie and all. While I already knocked out at the corner of my bed. So tired hahaha.

But it's so fun. When it's just you and your friends, no curfew, no restrictions. Just us.

Definitely the valuable experience as a perantauan. I'm gonna shed tears to remember this one fine day. It's too sweet. Too diabetic.

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