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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

are you a malay?

Somebody is being annoying.

We fought the other day and Ameerul insisted that I was the one who started everything. Noooo! In my defense, he should be responsible for this. He picked a fight with me first, by not giving me a proper attention and love.

I know! Hahaha.

I'm also embarrassed to share this with you guys.

He was too tired with his final year project and his little business (check Ameerul Ashraf Facebook), he has a lot on his plate, already. But I insisted on adding more. Why not? I am your only girl, right? So why can't I?

(That's how annoying I can be).

We fight a lot. But we both agree that we can't go even a single day not talking to each other. We talk, even when we fight haha. Sometimes me or him would come out with such random topics just to start the conversation/argument back.

Like one day when I was so mad but I still wanted to talk to him, I text him with one word, "Monkey".

He replied, "You orang utan".

And then the list goes on.

And the other day he suddenly came out with this.

See? He always thinks he's funny. I laughed, not because of the jokes but I was tickled by the way he tried to get back to me hahaha. Why baby why? #facepalm

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