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Thursday, June 9, 2016

ramadan kareem 2016

As I grow older (plus as I stay longer in Egypt) I realize just how exciting Ramadan is compared to Syawal. I used to be so worried of being not able to drink for 13 hours straight due to my UTI. But the childish me knew nothing. I've reminded myself every year that how amazing Ramadan is when Allah doubles your rewards and so many great things we would receive throughout this holy month that we wish it would be Ramadan the whole year.

I've got to spend my whole Ramadan here in Egypt this year. And Syawal too! Cause Ramadan gets earlier by year, now it clashes with my final exams and summer time too, so yeah. Basically it's 16 hours of fasting with the outside temperature of 40+ degree Celsius. Just wow hahaha. But Allah understands what we've gone through, He knows how we feel. I believe He has His special way to reward us on this.

Ramadan here is pretty exciting. People here celebrate it tremendously compared to Eid. They start to decorate their houses with fanous. The roads are just lighten up with decorations. A few days prior to Ramadan, you've got to see people would give away the foods/raw materials to those who need it. Numerous open invitation to free break fast. People/strangers happily wish you a good Ramadan. Isn't that exciting? The exciting part is the discount you'd get in supermarket hahaha most items are sold on low prices.

My first day of Ramadan went so well. We gathered at my house and prepared for suhoor and break fast together. We would stay up till fajr, so that no one would miss her suhoor (Fajr is at 3 am). Break fast is the exciting part, we cook so many things cause we want to eat so many things hahaha. Our first day of Ramadan just filled with silly conversations pretending we were in Malaysia. I wished we could go to bazaar to buy my fav murtabak. Shela wished she could go to Kedai 1Malaysia near to her house to buy her jajan. Mannn, can't believe I wouldn't be able to go to any bazaar in Malaysia this year.

This is my very first time to spend my whole Ramadan away from home. But it still fells like home anyway when you're surrounded by good companions. That always reminds you to be better,

One of our Ramadan goals is to khatam the al-Quran together. So we've decided to take part of reciting the divided juzuk for each of us.

My personal Ramadan goals are just want to khatam the al-Quran, perform terawikh every night (usually only at home so far) and just do many little things that Allah loves His servant to do. In shaa Allah.

Ramadan Kareem my brothers and sisters.

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