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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

beach boy

Just thought that Ameerul needs his own post on how much he loved nature while we were in Bali. Not just Bali! Well, I deserve a blog post of myself too, since I needed to be with him all the time and sitting next to him accompanying him enjoying the beach breeze. Like what?! Hahaha.

(I'm not a travel blogger, so don't expect anything haha).

So, Kuta Beach. It was nice, but too crowded. Maybe because it was near to Kuta town that it became the easiest access to everyone. It was 10 minutes away by foot from our first hotel. It was nearbyto a mall - Beachwalk Mall I think, Hard Rock too and many more. So it was much less like the hot spot for the tourists. I personally didn't like the idea of staying here for a long time, cause it's too crowded. Literally crowded. Yeah, maybe it was on weekend, but still weekdays also the same. But someone loved it here, so we (I) needed to stay hahaha.

Next, Segara Beach. Niceeee. Much better than Kuta Beach. Actually all beaches look the same to me. With the waves, sand and all. But this one's better because it was a lot less calmer than the previous one. Still, a lot of people came here too, but this one's overlooking a shopping mall. Hahaha so no wonder I gave it a credit lol. I mean, it was a win-win situation right, for both of us. 

And then, my favvvvv beach of all! Pandawa Beach! Wohooo. The best ever. I wish I could swim in here. It was a clean, crystal clear beach. But we can't because we were on our way to Uluwatu, so we just stopped here for a while. I really loved it here. Nice, clean, calm and not crowded. And of course the beach boy loved it so so so much. He told me so many times that he just wanted to stay there for a day. No, we can't dude. Gather your sense. Haha. So he decided to play by the seaside, immersing his both feet for the first time in Bali, guys. Cause it was so tempting and it's just so rude not to do that to the perfect beach. Awhh, even the hate-the-hot-places girl woman like me also wanted one. Hehehe. 

And Dreamland Beach in New Kuta. Not in Kuta but somewhere in a new developing town called New Kuta. Also nice but we were already in love with Pandawa Beach so we felt like nothing left we wanted to see hahaha so useless both of us. We were just here for sunset by the way. 

To be honest, I didn't really like the idea of the beach. Cause it's too sandy hahaha oh my god I'm so spoiled. Yesss, the sand will follow you to the hotel room and you'll just get itchy by that. It sticks to your shawls and clothes. Even your hotel bathroom showers salty water. Hahaha. But yes, you got someone opposite to you. I got Ameerul, the beach lover.

 What. A. Luck.

Hahaha. So, wish me luck.

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