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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

eat, pray, love


Naah! Just because we were in Bali. But I swear, we weren't really "eat, pray, love" there. Yeahh, probably putting on "love" element a little bit. But most of the time, we were just... be us. Haha. We fought. We argued. Then only we loved. And the cycle repeated. Hahaha I swear I felt like going on a trip with my best friend. We can just relax, be ourselves, teased each other, wrestled each other (read: tickled my bone cause I'm so skinny I have no fat hahaha). And that's how I dreamed it to be. Not necessary to be in love all the time.

So how was Bali? Bali was sooooo nice. I mean, Bali itself. Minus the people. I don't really prefer crowded (and hot) places (read: Egypt hahaha) but yeah Bali was so beautiful. The beaches, the waterfall, the greens and all. Ameerul loved the beaches so much, I just knew, that he could be there for a long period of time just staring at the waves with a total dont-talk-to-me kind of concentration. Oh god. I thought he must be in a deep thought about something then later he said, "That waves used to be strong a while ago". W.E.I.R.D. I married a weird nature lover. Hehehe. While I am more to a history lover.

We'd been there for 6 days and 5 nights. Not too long but not too short, just nice that we were able to have some good times for ourselves after those tired phase of wedding. Just chilling by the beaches - almost everyday zzz and strolling around Kuta town, by foot that we insisted we were a total tourist we should explored everything by our own hahahaha not funny. Kuta town was near to our hotel by the way. We didn't take any tour to anywhere except to Uluwatu and Tanah Lot.

We learnt a lot about each other throughout this trip. He may not be the same person you've ever knew for 6 years until you live with him. He's normal by the way haha don't worry. It's just that I was able to learn a new side of him that made me fell in love with him even deeper. And also a new side of him that sometimes you just wanted to strangle him hahaha, I did that by the way, literally. And that's when he tickled my rib bone zzz.

And also this would be a very meaningful trip for both of us too. It's our first trip together by the way. We felt rather sad as well because we both knew we didn't have much time left before I flew back to Egypt for another 1 year, so we tried our best to just spend our time wisely together. That's sad. He said this to me when he stared at the waves at the beach then he held my hand while saying, "I'm gonna miss you". God, just thank God. He's normal after all, thinking about me, not only about that freaking waves pattern hahaha.

But anyway, it was just perfect there. With him. And everything.

 Our first hotel.

The truth was; we still felt awkward to hug each other in a photo, publicly hahaha.

Can someone move the woman? Hahaha

In front of our second hotel. 

Short people problem. When you're just as tall as his chest. But my face matters more. Lol.

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