Alya Qistina

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Completing my eyes

Being short-sighted is terrible, I swear. You can't even swimming, you'll get annoyed when finding your misplaced specs and you'll find all your effort in putting eye shadow is just a waste; you'll wear a specs though!

I look bad in specs. Don't you think so? And the eaten fish doesn't look good too.

That is why I've picked contact lens as my best friend for years. I have been using contact lens since I was 16. Been studying in all girls school taught me to be more girlish and believe me, I've started to use all the make up stuffs since I was 14! Face foundation, compact powder, complete facial set, perfumes and I had various colours of lipstick, lip gloss and lip balm during my school days. Oh, girls these days.

Luckily, specs power is same! 300 for both eyes and its getting higher and higher. Sigh..

I told my dad, I couldn't wear the specs because I was so careless and the specs needed to be repaired for so many times. Plus, I can't focus in the class with the specs covering my eyes and I'll get sleepy with specs. Teheee.

and please recognise the owner of these fake eyes?

I've tried various colours of contact lens. From hazel to grey, purple, green, turqoise and can you believe I once wore blue contact lens? Now I'm wearing colourless one because I'm worry if patients will get heart attack seeing my eyes in red colour! Haha.

Thank God, I've never been attacked by their infection so far. But yes, I'd get my migraine from it. I was once woke up at 4 am, feeling like a big burden over my eyes. I was attacked by heavy migraine, vomitted and I felt so bad! I can't even sleep. Can you see how beauty kills you?

Beauty is pain though.


  1. stuju2x..
    susah tol sep2 rabun cam kite neh..
    power aku nek sapa 600 da sblah loni..

  2. Epol, thanks for reading.

    Ruza, tension weh. pakai lens la. haha