Alya Qistina

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Proposal

The Proposal 2009.

Did you guys waiting for The Proposal 2010? These guys will give you all of what you're waiting for.

My teammates.

From left, Izat Amir and Shafiq. Psst, look at Izat, he looks like Hritik Roshan, don't you think so? Oh sorry I bet he's taken!

They are my teammates for my final year project. Shafiq is our cool leader who will always come up with brilliant ideas and of course, brilliant meeting places.

I am the only girl in the group and gentlemen won't never hurt the princess. We had a meeting last week. I mean, last two weeks, or actually last month? Sorry, you can blame my short term memory. Our meeting was held in a kopitiam and yes, I was giving my all attention towards the meeting...

I mean, by EATING.

While the gentlemen were still working.

Blurrp, done eating. Jom balik.

That's how the meeting was done.