Alya Qistina

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Good Luck for Good Guy

Ameerul is now facing his five major papers in his final examinations for this semester. He's done with two papers and he got another three papers left.

He stays up late and start sleeping after subuh. I bet he's just so tired when I called him one morning and he was just answered my questions by 'Um..Ahh..Umm..Ahh'.

Staying up until late night might cause him to get flu and dizzy head. I guess his both eyes are being conquered by eye bags, his nose turns reddish, his body might get weak and his hair will looked messier! Look, can you see how concern am I toward him? Hehe.

Dear, last minute study will always left you breathless.

I want something to cheer him up. I want myself to be there to treat him with Happy Meal or spending our evening time at playground watching the kids running and playing with each other. I mean, just enough to release his stress mode. Too bad Kelantan and Penang will always be hundreds of kilometres.

So, I send him with this..

A glass jar full of his fav choc, m&m.

Good Luck quotes is like necessary for gift, yeah its's common.

Then I put it inside the jar in the ocean of colourful chocs. Whoaaa!

I stick a piece of paper on the jar and it sounds like this;

QisQis Healthcare

To: Ameerul Ashraf

Direction: Take 1 sweet candy to release stress OR Take 2 sweet candies if you miss me.

Smile. Ready to post this to Ameerul.

Ameerul called me the next day said ' You, post laju-dijamin-sampai-esok dah sampai. Heee. Comel lah you ni'

Apa? Salah dengar kah? Saya comel? :)

Good luck for your final exams.


  1. sweeet gle . rasa nak wt jugak . but too bad fyza-godin will always be less than a kilometer.xbleh guna sistem pos laju dijamin-smpai esok ;p

  2. Fyza, hehe. tahnks for reading. try out smt new! surprise dinner weh. godin must like it.

    Himawari, thanks for reading. :)

  3. you rampas meera i nok ;P
    heee cumel cumel ;)

  4. Fido, meera dah berpaling tadah. sorry mak! :)