Alya Qistina

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rabbit year

Happy Chinese New Year, Malaysia and definitely happy holiday guys. Everybody was got to their home for almost a week duration of holiday while I was at the hospital, working and working and working until I felt like vomiting. Uweeekk.

Ameerul was so worried about her younger brother, Aiman that Aiman was stucked in Egypt, everybody knew what happened in Egypt these days and what we can only do was just praying that Aiman was safe. Aiman is now waiting for his turn to come back to Malaysia. Alhamdullillah, praise to Allah that Aiman was just very fine there. At least Ameerul can go back to campus after CNY break happily and feels relief about it.

CNY holidays gave me so much enough rest. I was just lazying around at home, movie by movie, nasi after nasi, blogging after stalking. Hehe. Too much!

Anddd I've got a chance to meet my sweetest ENEMY, Shushy that came back to Kelantan for CNY holiday.

Going out just the two of us made me realise that I missed my Dolls so baddd. They couldn't made this day out and they heartlessly, just left Shushy and I breathless!

I was sometimes felt so bad to my stomach as it couldn't stop yearning for McDonald's Prosperity. I was once asked Ameerul to call McDonald's delivery service when he was in Penang while I was in Kelantan. I was so addicted to it, but with no handphone credit left, nothing to figure outtt then! Clearly I couldn't stand it anymore. McDonald's Prosperity is really killing me, I just wanna have CNY every month, can I?

@McDonald's. Shushy refused to have a so-called lunch here as she was getting fed up with these too much cholesterol. But then, clearly she loves me more than her love to her body's fat. I hope my intestines could stay in peace after eating this.

Window shopping after window shopping and that was never made us felt tired from capturing pictures, you've gotta believe this, Shushy snapped 30 pictures in 10 minutes! She's the real 'camwhore'.

We just went inside one outlet, took some pictures, looking at several cute cloths and went out, anddd we were doing the same things for almost all shopping outlets there! We were just really had nothing more beneficial to do, huh?

Then, I found this,

I went like, " Look Iman, what Mama has got for you sweety".

Then Shushy was like, " You're really going insane with your imaginary kids"

I smirked and put this close to my body and said, " Oh Mikhail, Mama got you this green sweater so you won't get cold but it seems like we have same size of it. I can fit it, boy."

Spechless Shushy just smiled, nodding her head sarcastically.


If you're think I'm one of the kind of psycho girl, please think of it again. Believe me, every ladies have their own dream of having children and they'd actually wish for a happy-closed bond family in future. I think I was acting normal. And you Shushy I know you're dreaming of this too.

We ended up by buying two blouses for each of us and we bought a true friendship pricelessly. Thanks sweety. Be strong to your final year because remember, I just wanna befriend with an enginneer. Okay just kidding.