Alya Qistina

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


My mum told me, when I was a little baby, I was born with 3.5kg body weight. I had no hair, totally bald and kind of fat little girl.

I turned so skinny as I grew older. I have no idea where all my healthy body fats gone. And they seemed so cruel for leaving me at 35kg in my 20 years old. I'm so underweight, having fast body metabolism and BMI failed.

But seriously I don't even care what weight I'm on, how short I am because I know, Allah creates me in so much well condition. I could breath properly, that is more than enough!

I went into NICU last week for some medication check. NICU stands for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where it basically taking care of poor-small-premature baby.

Seriously, I'm kinda speechless because it was my very first time seeing sooo small babies even the skin is still reddish in colour. Their feet were exactly as small as my thumb. You don't have any idea how small the 35kg body weight girl's thumb is.

They were being placed in the incubators to allow healthy environmental condition to the babies since their organs are not completely develop and they might have a problem in breathing through the real air.

I was about to cry seeing so many unlucky babies. Just imagine, they slept in small closed place, being surrounded by many different medical wires, their bodies were being pricked everywhere by the needles during drug administration and TPN is like a necessary thing since we can't feed them yet. Sooo overwhelmed! Pity them, how small babies could bear all those hurt and see, Allah creates us in fair situation.

This is how the babies looked like. Baby baby, get well soon.

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