Alya Qistina

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sweet 21, sweetheart.


She's the oldest among all of us. Oh, just 8 months difference of age from mine but never mind! Because she is like a sister to me. She care for you like she'd never get to see you again after that. She's the most matured girl in our click. The one with the super beautiful handwriting and everybody got jealous with her for it. The one who dare to crack some stupid jokes in the middle of tense situation just to make you smile. She's the one who seems to be everybody's favourite.

Andd the one who loves to arch her eyebrows.


Seriously dear, you are just gorgeous like that. That makes my love for you stronger, err, I bet.

Happy birthday sweetheart. I wish you for wonderful blessed years ahead. Smile and be strong, take each obstacles as a challenge because Allah knows better. I'll always pray for your success.

I love you, woman.


  1. i love u too!
    hitammm kot muka aku time bbq tuh.
    btw thanks yg.
    appreciate it :)

  2. Bunny dear, mana ada hitam. Cun je aku tengok. :)