Alya Qistina

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Have you heard the word amplang? Please answer no, so I won't be alone.

What do you imagine when just hearing that word?

You're imagine something like this?

Hahaha, JK, Patrick's definitely has nothing to do with amplang because amplang is actually one of Sabah's famous kind of food. Urghhh, never gonna eat Patrick!

Boo me now. Such an embarrassing girl.

So one of my Sabah friend was going back to his hometown three days back and the jakun me was writing a long list to him to buy me everything in Sabah. You see Sabah's all well known for their pearls. So yeah, pearls had been on the top of the list. Cha ching cha ching!

He was safely arrived here in Semenanjung, and so that pearls (even more safe), they were lovely, I swear.

But then I discovered something in his bag, Oh God, something like keropok in small cutting.

That was amplang!

The jakun me again tried so hard to put that inside my handbag and was trying so hard to carry the bag properly so that amplang won't be broken into pieces. Haha.

See, even my purse had to give it some space. And spotted that pearl bracelet behind amplang.

Nyum nyum until..

it remained half!

Haha, Ramadhan makes me love food more, I wonder why. I'm not a big fan of keropok, but yes it was lust all the way.


  1. amplang sedap okeyyy...huhuuuu:)

  2. Wah, even owg pun takpernah makan amplang. Or maybe pernah but I don't like it. Hee!

    Maaf, saya bukan Sabah sejati +_+"