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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Pre-Eid was challenging. Shopping, fasting, working. Urghh. And sometimes, went over budget for almost all things. See, I wanna buy this one green hijab, but as I passed through all hijab's outlets, I realized I'd actually bought 5 to 6 scarfs and none of them were green! Oh my.

And I've had this wonderful man besides me, Ameerul who was strong enough to carry all those freaking heavy shopping bags. Haha.

See, energetic-satisfied faces after shopping.

Wohoo, I'd got a white rose from him. But he was funny then. Three days before he's asking me about my fav flower. I said, white rose. He kept asking me the same question. Haha. That's him, always failed to create a surprise.

And the most challenging part was when somebody stole your kuih raya! I didn't have any idea that Tawakkal actually wasn't such a good place to keep my kuih raya.

Haha, funny yeah but I wondered who on earth might heartlessly did this? Zero IQ all the way!

And my sweetest colleague, Iffni was being all funny and she was actually went all mad because I guess she loved me. Haha. And she wrote this:

Cute. Haha. but the kuih raya still didn't found until today..

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