Alya Qistina

Saturday, August 6, 2011


There's something behind this smile.

Because she actually didn't have any idea that she might get dysmenorrhea three days after that.

Dysmeorrhea, well a pain that only a woman can understand. You get what I mean. *clap.

Everytime she'd been attacked by her monthly visit, she was like, waiting for death. God, only you knows how hurt it was.

And still, you can't escape 6 days of working, so yeah I went working with a pain in my stomach. Strong girl after all, blearrghhh! Hehe.

I might be strong but it was only last for 1 hour! My tummy hurt so bad, and I need a doctor! Lucky that I work in a hospital, so going to Accident and Emergency unit wouldn't be that far!

This was what doctor had given to me. Cannot read? Don't worry. Even doctors themself didn't understand theirs. Err, just some.

I was being injected by IM Voltaren, you know IM or intramuscular was being administer at our body site that actually comprises of many fat cells, and I bet you know where! It hurts!

And up until now, I'm still praying to Allah so this pain's gone and stop disturbing me. Ouch, butt!

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