Alya Qistina

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Do’a Malaikat Jibril Menjelang Ramadhan,
Ya Allah tolong abaikan puasa ummat Muhammad,apabila sebelum memasuki bulan Ramadhan dia tidak melakukan beriku

Tidak mohon maaf dahulu kepada kedua org tuanya,
Tidak bermaafan dahulu antara suami isteri,
Tidak bermaafan dahulu dgn org sekitarnya.
Maka Rasulullah mengatakan Amiin sebanyak 3 kali.

I read this somewhere and I realized that I've sinned a lot. I might take things for granted before. Being far from my parents actually connects us more often. So I texted Mama and Papa wishing them for fasting and asked for their forgiveness. I was crying you see. I miss them. Papa that I've known, he loves spreading advice. He told me to not miss my prayer, be good in KL and he said that he missed me. Oh my, I was crying.

Mama as always, she keep telling me to always wake up for sahur and always take a good care of my health. She knows me well, bacteria loves me much.

Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan, guys. May Allah will always leads us to His path. Amin.

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