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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Nynaa's Wedding

One more Dolls is married.

Nynaa's married at the age of 24. She's blessed.

I am so excited.. From far.

It's such a good feeling to actually end a long relationship with marriage. It's wonderful. Plus Nynaa knows her husband for years long.

And it's so much more wonderful that everybody gathered to celebrate the bride and the groom, obviously without me. Hehe. I'm okay here. I'm okay here.. Well, I'm not okay.

I really wanna be there on my bff's marriage. Taking pictures, sharing laugh and stupid jokes, tear up for getting old and basically, just laugh.

So here's my speech, virtually from far..

Congratulations Nynaa and husband for your marriage. I wish you an endless happiness and blessing. May the love keeps growing and enjoy every seconds of your life. Be the best woman to your husband and mom to your future kids. And I.. Can't wait for Nynaa's juniors.

(Mommy Qissy is gonna be the sweetest aunt)

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