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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Winter break - Damietta

Damietta, Egypt.

It was hmm maybe 3 to 4 hours from Zagazig (I'm not sure, I was sleeping throughout the journey). Damietta is just a new developing city with a small populations, so maybe that's why it's a little bit cleaner than Zagazig. It's well known for their beaches, shellfish (cockles, of course) and the people here are famous for their furniture business - which they carve them by themselves.

 I loooove their building architectures which are so unique, much less like the combinations of the classic and modern ones, with the sentimental details on windows and carved-doors. Lovely! And suddenly reminded me of the ones in Istanbul.

(I've been to Istanbul last year - promised to update it in my blog, but never do)

At Ras El Bar, Damietta..

What amazed me the most: the meeting between Mediterranean Sea and Nile River.

As written in Al- Quran, 

"He unleashed two seas so that they merged together. And yet there is a barrier between them so they may not overstep." [55:19-20]

Okay, question of the day. How to differentiate between the river and sea?

Sea water is absolutely salty, and of course, people like me won't go down to the ocean just to taste the saltiness. Okay, just for knowledge, seawater (which comes from ocean) usually has a lot more solute than river. Thus it will have different density and weight. And it is a lot more calmer than river, just by looking at it with our naked eyes.

While river compared to the sea, it's usually cleaner than the sea and the waves are crazy. And the crocodiles inside are crazy too.

And they don't mix with each other, my theory is, maybe because of their difference in concentration and density.

Awhh, I'm proud. I should be the world next geologist. Wait, or is it water scientist job or something? Well, let's just stick to pharmacy.

Met Zen from Cairo.

And we're off to the beach!

Okay, since it's winter, the breeze was a lot more chiller and the beach was totally colder, felt as if I was stepping on ice or something. Ahh and I'd got a frostbite. It hurt for about 3 minutes then it went away.

And Damietta is actually quite famous for its shellfish (mainly cockles), especially for Malaysians, since Egyptians don't really eat them which I don't know why, seriously, cockles are one of the best seafoods ever. I love seafood, so much.

If only they had prawns here, I seriously didn't mind getting on a boat to catch them.

And unfortunately, we couldn't get to find even a single cockle. Reason: Because every Malaysian knew about this place and they came to pick them up earlier than we did. So, bangkai je yang tinggal. Hahaha.

The sunset was really beautiful, isn't? With the tamar trees everywhere, I felt like the one in Yousoff Taiyyob commercials. It was a good day. Then we're off to the mosque for a prayer and to a restaurant for Nasi Arab.

I definitely would come here early on the next winter, for you cockles! Hahaha.

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