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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Winter break 2014

Supposed to be 2 weeks only. And it extended to be 1 month. (Due to safety problem)

Okay.. I paused for a while. And wonder.. "What the heck would I do on winter break? 1 month, really? Like really?


I'm always a type of person who loveeeee holiday/break/vacation a lot. But not this long. I mean, what would I really do in 1 month? Not going back to Malaysia. Not planning to go somewhere outside Egypt too.

I started my holiday with a few Korean dramas. And Running Man. Very productie, of course.

And I slept a lot. 10 hours a day, don't judge man, I was just killing some time.

I crashed the kitchen: cooked few dishes like Nasi Ayam, Nasi Tomato, Ikan Masak Stim, Rendang Ayam (which I thought I wanted to make it as my significant dish that my grand grandchildren will proud of - like the one I saw on TV, it would be Rendang Tok Mek Qis, since I'm Kelantanese) and jelly and bla bla bla. (Oh no please, don't go "wow" me, apparently 24 is not just an age, it means something serious related to women things).

I read few Sophie Kinsella's.

Most of the time, I just sleep.

And noo, I'm not shopping. In fact, I don't (seriously) shop for months. The last time I shopped was on last September; last 5 months. *clap* *Guinness World's record*

I was on saving mode actually. Everything needs money now, so I thought about spending some money and buying only necessary things. But I've added Cadbury, Mirinda, Coke and Pringles as must-have items, so, there goes my savings. (Later I discovered that Pringles containing an ingredient that Muslims can't eat - so, I stopped eating that).

Oh, did I tell you about my dental repairment? I did a root canal treatment (RCT) and an extraction and some filling, so there goes again my savings. And I actually have few appoinment afterwards.

Well, I know, my holiday must sounded sooo bored to you. And of course, I'm strongly agree with you.

So, I planned some vacations (in Egypt) with my friends. :)

Will blog about that later. 

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