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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Class portrait

We are in second year. So that means we will have 2 class portraits. Oh, it's not impulsory of course. Because we are naturally in love with the camera, we'd take picture anywhere and so we've decided to take a class picture once a year (or more).

This year, it was so much difference than in the last year. Our classmates had reduced to half since everybody decided to go back to Malaysia (which leaving us in hard times - Wani and Kiena got me tear up at anytime) and we'd really feel alone.

So now, we are only 22 people left. It's so obvious when one of us is absent at school. We cannot cheat anymore! Hahaha. Well, as an obedient student, I'd never do that. (Once Thrice doesn't count okay).

Year 2011/2012

Was held during summer. Oh, that's me photobomb-ed the picture. I was spoiled? No, of course. But maybe my kids are going to get embarrass of their mommy. Poor babies for getting a wacky mommy.

It was really fun this time where everybody were so in a good mood and we'd stayed up late the night before to prepare some props. It was really fun.

Year 2013/2014


Was held during the last day of our final exam. Such a good idea to make it during winter with white-black theme, I didn't really had to prepare much. 

It was good too, since it was the last day for final exam and we'd only sit for one hour for Anatomy paper, the stress was relieved. 

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