Alya Qistina

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I've done with diploma. Phew, it was the most challenging 3 years in my life. The hardest part when I actually had to sleep for only 1 hour and spending the whole night studying and memorizing how Total Parenteral Nutrition works. It sounds silly but the truth is there.

Call me an owl now.

2 weeks after I finished with it, I've got an offer letter from Tawakkal Hospital offering me to work there. Like, hello? I desperately need a job, (even cried for that). Stupid me, if I know Tawakkal needed staffs, I wouldn't let my tears fell down that much.

I wanted to work, cause obviously, pursuing pharmacy is hard ( 3.8 of CGPA, only if my dad was a Pharmacy's Dean). The hardest test in my life. But this is worth crying for, and up until now, I do cry for it. Nobody knows how much I love it. Okay stop here before anything falling down. *teary up.

Insyaallah will pursue my degree next year. If Allah wills.

So 3 years had passes. I am now a diploma holder, thank myself for being strong enough to face it.

Convo's went okay. Mama and Papa came for me. I'm the lovable daughter, who could deny. Haha.

Family first. Not in the picture; Faris, younger brother.

This boy came with a bouquet of flower. <3
And walking all the way in UiTM holding my handbag. Haha.


Oh I hate this picture. It's such a humiliation seeing my face was half covered with that mortar board. Like a retarded kid. Haha but they said I looked cute, so hmmm yes put it here. Hahaha.


  1. congrates !!! hopefully you can be the best pharmacist one day !

  2. isyaalah nnti ada la tu rezeki smbung blaja :)

  3. yg camera gapo mu pakai.terang molek.comey :)