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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Bloody month.

I can see my money flies. Far away. Haha.

Well, November might be such a good month to them; Mama, Papa and my lil sister because its their birthday. Oh God. *checking pocket now.

It's easier actually for me to remember each one of their birthday dates since everyone shares the same month. That might be the one and only advantage. Come to think about disadvantages? Oh, well that might comes up with a long list. I don't think I could mention them. LOL.

So today's my lil sister's birthday. My one and only sister, ever. She's the one who willing to share almost everything with me; clothes, secrets and what so ever and she's the one who willing to do any favors from me. Good enough, huh? Hahaha.

I wished her via phone and she replied, "Oh yes yes, you're the last person wishing me, thanks lah!"

She was all angry, because I wished her late! Hahaha.

I went saying couple of words and hanged up the phone like immediately, cause I afraid she might be so demand asking me to buy her present. I'm such a stingy sister, am I?And a crazy elder sister who loves to bully her own lil sis. Haha. She must be sad having me as her sister, well, she must take it, what more can she does unless taking what Allah has given to her. Be grateful for who I am. Hehehe.

* I can imagine how annoying her face would be while reading this. She must hates me and regrets her whole life for being a sister of mine.

And above of all these, I love you, sister.

And, happy 16th birthday. May Allah bless you. Have a bright future ahead. I wish we can have a holiday together after this. And I can imagine well how you carry my luggage and make such nice cup of coffee for me, oh wow. I'm looking forward to it.

Blood is thicker than water bla bla bla.

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