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Friday, November 4, 2011

Of boyfriend and beach.

I spent the whole day long with Ameerul at Port Dickson. He at first asked me where to go so I said, it was up to him cause he's the one who drives. Then he told me that I deserve to make a decision since it was my birthday celebration. Haha.

Oh yeahhh, seemed like it's my queen-control-powered day. Thanks for the license. ;)

So like spontaneously, I said, okay, PD, so he was like, okayy. Huh, just like that? Did he think PD was less than 45 km, didn't he?

Okay so that I actually had to work on that Sunday. I mean like, while the other people were having their cereals and milk at home, watching favourite Sunday programmes on telly or treating themselves with new clothes or watsoever, I had to go to work and counting each tablets and every litres of syrups there. Stock take on Sunday.... Killing me even more.

Call me the most excellent employee then.

So Ameerul came fetched me at Tawakkal and then wohooo.

It was a rainy day and everything went all sticky. My shoes were wet with sands and all.

If her mum was reading this post, I'd pray that she can spot what's inside his shirt's pocket! You naughty son! Haha.

But I love his shirt. I just love it. :)

I actually was planning to make some sandwiches and fried rice cause we'd on a picnic, aren't we? So too bad, I was sick and I got to work on the next day, so maybe next time.

And just treating ourselves with...


Tell me, did it looked like a turtle? Hahaha. Boo us.

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