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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Daddy's big day

You know what's the similarities of me and my dad? (except nose).

Interest. Yes.

Him, when, I don't know when was this.

Me, the second child of him, 20 years old.

Coincidence, maybe cause we've never talked about this before. And I'd actually like snakes. But I don't think he will. And tell me, who will?

And decades passes and changed my dad gradually. I mean, everything was changed mutually with his age including his interest which he now reads a lot and physically fledged with grey hair. Beard, to be exact.

Look at our noses. SAME. Copy and paste. I remember my cruel ex-schoolmates who loved to make fun of me for having the same big nose with my dad. They're even called me with my dad's name. Silly them. And I wonder if my daughter will inherit it from her grandfather and I and when she goes to school, her classmates will make fun of her too. Oh pity her.

Well, I should start looking for a guy with a sharp, pointed nose now. *glance at Ameerul.


And my daddy has turned 52 today! Wohooooo. Happy birthday dear daddy. I wish you for a better life in this whole whole and the hereafter. Insyaallah, Allah will make things a lot easier to us. Ameen.

And I wish to give him a present. Hmm, a horse statue maybe? Hahaha. I'll be killed.

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  1. aweshemmm!by the way, kawan yang called you dgn nme papa you, sure lah sushi kan? hikhik